Monday, January 13, 2014

Pfatt and STJ updates

I had two market place updates, Pfatt on the 10th and STJ , today the 13th.  Due to technical difficulties with my art lights (aggghhh) I am slow to get this posted.  The Easter eggs and Valentine cookies are sold.  I am doing happy pieces this month because in Montana its  pretty dreary until Spring.  These happy little faces just make me smile and lift my spirits.  They are all sculpted from paper clay and I am particularly happy with the yawning egg and cookie.  How fun is that?  I think that is why I called my studio "Light and Shadow".  I love to do happy smiling faces but then I love to do old craggy witch faces too.  Just depends on mood I guess or inspiration.  I am going to be starting some flower seeds here too in a few days.  That always lifts my spirits!  Thanks for dropping by.
PS I added a picture of my Easter egg gourds before the were painted so an idea of the process can be seen.