Sunday, June 28, 2015

Last one...I promise!

I don't know how I forgot these fun little guys.  I was experimenting and trying to get more realistic expressions and this is what I came up with.  Every time I look at them I laugh which is what it is all about!!!  These are buffalo or coyote gourds, hand painted by me.

Forgot the pumpkin stack!

This is a piece I am particularly proud of. I call it a totem and the pumpkins are double sided with faces so it each one can be turned to make different combinations. It is so much fun to spin the little pumpkins!  It is made  3 gourds and a heavy wooden ball at the base sculpted into a pumpkin. I hope to do more of these sometime. Thanks for stopping by!

Latest work!

I have neglected my blog and need to update it with a few of the pieces I have done recently.  I have been selling from the EHAG Emporium marketplace as well as PFATT marketplace (links on Right). I also have been doing a lot of commissions and some sales on Facebook.  Right now I am not accepting commissions and taking the time to do things I have wanted too for a long time. I have been in an owl mood lately and after studying owl anatomy I have made good use of it and made some fun pieces using owls. i haven't even begun to sculpt all of my ideas yet so please stay tuned.  I really appreciate each and everyone of you who come by to share my art with me :)