Sunday, October 26, 2014

More Ghoultide fun!

Here is a few more pieces I took with me as well as my new business/post cards!  I had to go back and make a moon man to take with me.  The head is a gourd with the features sculpted in paper clay.  The base is a very chunky wooden candle holder.

I took 25 ornaments like these pumpkins and sold them all before I got pictures. I should have know better.  I did the same with the little gourds on vintage tart pans. I had over 20 of these as well.  Oh well, a lesson learned the hard way. Always makes me sad when I don't have a picture of something I made.

Ghoultide fun!

A large (21" across wooden antique Cheesebox. In front is my wooden hand painted car with sculpted witch and stars!
My "Fly me to the moon" wooden car. So fun and it even had a trunk that opened!

This little witch brought a lot little imps to the show to make some trouble.  This was hand sculpted over a wooden base.  She also was larger at over 15".

I have neglected my blog in the last few months.  Preparing and getting ready for the Ghoultide Gathering Show took every minute of my day to get ready for.  Above is a few of the things I was able to take with me.  I was thrilled when I sold out in under 2 hours.  However, I realized I didn't even begin to have enough pieces like most of the other artists. To attend and meet the other artists and get to see all the original art was a dream come true.  It is as magical as everyone says.  It will always be a highlight of my career as an artist to be invited to ba a part of it all!  I was especially touched by the collectors who drove hundreds of miles just to meet me. Some I have known for many many years.  I am very blessed!