Friday, December 18, 2009

STILL filling orders!

Yes, here I am still plugging away trying to get all my Christmas orders done by Christmas. It has become obvious to me that I won't make it in time. Some of them just take way longer than expected. I hate to disappoint people. Especially since most asked way back in the summer. Life happens though. I did just finish two that I wanted to share. One is a Blue jay for a woman whose husband loves them, should be beautiful on a tree. Don't anyone write and ask for one though! It was incredibly time consuming. the other is a silver tabby ornament with mice. I never knew that a silver tabby was a separate breed. Gorgeous cats! I learned a lot from both of these ornaments and that's always worth it.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Spooky time Jingle update on the 13th!

Yep, it is that time of the month again and I have a Santa ornament that I have been thinking of doing for awhile. I made him a yummy gingerbread hat with lots of candy. Really fun to do! He'll be listed tonight on Spookytimejingles at midnight Eastern time. Be sure and come and check out all the Christmas goodies!

Filling orders!

I have had a fe w people ask me why I haven't been posting new things and I wanted to let everyone know I have been very busy catching up with requests. I am still far behind. Here are two that I am very pleased with and thought I would share. We have a beautiful snow falling today and it is really getting me more into the Christmas mood! Hope you are all enjoying the season.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Carved Santa listing on Ebay

I recently listed a large Santa on eBay that has some fun jumping Jack nutcrackers and other toys. His face, hands, feet, and hat are all hand carved from wood. He is a recycled Santa! I love to take older items and give them a face lift and make them special. I re-carved parts of him and then painted him. Love Santa!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I am so excited about this months new update for spookytimejingles Market place. We have some wonderful artists and have just added 4 more and they are some of my very favorites! I am also excited to introduce my first Christmas item for the season. though small I think he has a real presence. He is loaded with details and special little surprises. He is also my first roly-poly Santa I have done. Of course his body is a small round gourd. Be sure and visit my spookytimejingle link (At right) on the 13th to see more of him and get more detail.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Whooooo...Whooooo...2 owls!

I just completed two custom orders for owl ornaments from different customers who wanted the same thing. I have never done an owl ornament before and I am so pleased with how these turned out. They were time consuming but fun! You probably recognize the inspiration from one of those old vintage postcards from the 20' s and 30's. I am going to have to do more of these! Thank you for dropping by and sharing my work, Tammy

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Witches party!

I just sold a roly poly witch last week on Spooky Time Jingles and had some request to make a few more that were similar for two great ladies. I just love the two of them together. Yep, they got together to carve a few pumpkins, brew up some potions and just cause a little mischief! I am going to make me one of these too, I just love the vintage look! Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. Thanks for stopping by, Tammy

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Spooky time Jingle update on the 13th!

It's that time again for the Spookytimejingles unveiling at midnight (Eastern time ) on the thirteenth. There should be some wonderful spooky Halloween surprises! I have a large piece to offer this month. She is a almost life size spider witch sculpted on a large gourd. The fun thing is I mounted her on a wooden wall sconce so she can be hung on the wall. I had so much fun putting details in that were time consuming but so satisfying to watch come to life. My page can be seen at:
I am so honored to be a part of this group of talented artists. Hope you will all come check out all the wonderful art to be seen and purchased. Make sure you check in early too so you don't miss out! Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Wonderful surprise!

Some of you might remember the pictures of some of my ornaments on a fun spider display stand that two customers sent me pictures of? Well I think I raved so much about it they felt obligated to get me one! Smile...I was so surprised, and I love it. So I took a picture with some of my ornaments on it. Some of these are custom orders and the pumpkin face with top hat is on eBay right now. I also show one picture with a black cat shaker I am almost done with. Just filling lots of orders, don't want you all to think I am slacking off! So excited to start decorating for Halloween too. I am late this year. Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

New customer photos

I am so blessed to have customers who send me pictures of their collections. This another wonderful customer who has bought numerous pieces from me and has a great display. Many thanks to her for giving me permission to share a few. She is a sweetie! Click on photo to see a larger format.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My owl on Spookytimejingles

Yep, It's the 13th of the month and I just had my new listing post on spookytimejingles. Spookytime is a wonderful market place for artists work and there are some great offerings this month. I have an owl candle/candy box up this month that I have worked on and off again for over 5 months. One of those labor of loves that I just have so much fun doing! I hand sculpted and laid out every feather and if that wasn't enough, the painting on this was so intricate. Some feathers had three and four completely different colors. This will defintly be one of a kind because I will never have the time to do another, LOL. It's reall huge too, over 21". I always wish I could keep my own work but this one will definitely be hard to part with. Hope you'll take a few minutes to check it out and also see my fellow artists work. Thanks for stopping by. Tammy

Monday, September 7, 2009

ornament display

I just got this picture from a couple of wonderful ladies who are great customers of mine. They are decorating for Halloween!! My kind of people. I just love it when people share pictures like this with me. I think one of the greatest pleasures of being an artist is first you get the joy of creating something and then you get to experience the joy of others sharing your work. It always amazes me that others enjoy it as much as me. I don't know why, I absolutely love looking at other artists work and wishing I could buy them. It always inspires me to go in and make something too. I especially like this stand she found for displaying ornaments. I always tell people you don't have to have a big tree, just a peg or a stand of some type. Thanks for sharing with me and hope everyone is enjoying a pleasant Labor day weekend.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Pumpkins kings

I'm getting ready to do a pumpkin king riding a Halloween horse. So I tried doing few ornaments with pumpkin faces to see what I might do. Just love the twisted stem noses. I will probably list on eBay if I don't sell them right away. Can't wait to do the bigger sculpt!Thanks for sharing my art with me.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I have to introduce this ritzy Halloween Spider with his top hat and bow tie. I had a lot of people request a spider ornament like the one on top of my last witch hat he is! He just went up for auction on ebay tonight ( click on my eBay link on the right to go see him). It takes forever to make all his little treat buckets but they are so fun! Hope you enjoy him. Thank you so much for all the encouragement and wonderful comments. It means so much to me! You just have no idea how it keeps me going. Tammy
Just a quick spider ornament sold but I am hard at work making more Halloween goodies. I am always happy to take commissions on ornaments if you are interested!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

spookytimejingles listing

Hi everyone, Spookytimejingles listings went up this morning. I managed to get a few creations listed. I am really happy with my newest witch hat. I have enjoyed these so much that I bought 3 more paper mache hats. The hat has sold. I also have listed a pretty little witch. She has such luscious lips and almond eyes. Love the pumpkin topper. She's still for sale.
Thanks for stopping by. Tammy If you would like to go check out my listings and the other fabulous offerings from my fellow artists just follow this link:

Monday, July 27, 2009

2nd witch hat

Here is the 2nd of my three witch hats. These are so much fun! I need more hats. I should open up a witch hat shop, I could do this everyday! This is too much fun it must be illegal, right. I have to say thank you to all who write me too, you guys are the best. Sometimes, it brings tears to my eyes because some of you are fantastic artists in your own right. Just the icing on he cake to hear from you all. Big hug, Tammy

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wonderful witch hat

I just finished a huge witch hat (18" high) and thought I would share. I bought three of these big hats ages ago and just got time to do one. It was so much fun but took forever to paint all the pumpkins! Update...I sold this hat but I will be doing two others, so if this is something you might want one of , please let me know. Just drop me an email and I will make sure I let you know. Thanks for looking,

Monday, July 20, 2009

I've been away for awhile but I have managed to do a few new things and I am hoping to have a new witch hat finished in a few days. I lost my list of people who bought from me in the past when my computer hard-drive crashed so if you haven't been getting my email newsletter in the past month please contact me an I will make sure you are added. The witch on a pig was my listing for Spookytimejingles anniversary this month and the other was a big gourd witch that was sold. Okay, I'm going back to finish my big witch hat. Thanks for stopping by and sharing my art. Tammy

Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Spider witch and I'm back!

Wow, I can't believe all the things that have happened to me in the last few weeks. I feel like I am living in one of the sappy western songs. First I got sick with the flu and that really laid me up and then my Mom needs another hip surgery (her 3rd) and then my computer just has gone on and on. But a generous friend has lent me her laptop and I have been working. Luckily, I had a few orders to fill and sold some things direct. I wanted to share my newest sculpt. She is new and different for me and she makes me laugh like most of my art does. Anyway, I hope I am back in the saddle again for good!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Crow Sculpture

I just had to show my crow sculpture I just finished. I think he is sold so he won't be listed anywhere. I sculpted him on the same base as my cat witch that sold on Spookytimejingles. This was so much fun. I even sculpted and laid each feather down his back for a realistic effect. I was especially happy with his hat and the crow silhouettes. Very labor intensive so I probably won't do another for awhile but would like to do another sometime maybe an ornament. Thanks for sharing him with me. Tammy

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Meow! Spookytimejingles update!

It's that time of the month when the spookytimejingles website will update with all the wonderful new art. This little kitty witch will be my offering for the month. This is an open mouth cat with beautiful golden eyes. I still am having fun carving wooden birds. I especially like the silken black threads wrapped around his neck. Makes me want to pet him and scratch his neck and ears. Spookytime's new items can be viewed on the 13th at midnight Eastern time. My page can be acessed by the link on the right.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mother Earth Witch Make do

I am so excited to show this new witch. I have been studying new sculpting techniques and painting ideas and I think this is one of the best faces I have ever produced. This is also the first time I have used JOL's on a witch hat and I think they turned out great. I have never put a witch on a stand before so I am anxious to see how she is received. She is listed on eBay right now if you want to see more pictures. I would love to hear what everyone thinks. Thanks for stopping by.