Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Pumpkins kings

I'm getting ready to do a pumpkin king riding a Halloween horse. So I tried doing few ornaments with pumpkin faces to see what I might do. Just love the twisted stem noses. I will probably list on eBay if I don't sell them right away. Can't wait to do the bigger sculpt!Thanks for sharing my art with me.


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  2. sucks they won't let you edit your own comment to correct a misspelling. Anyway what I said was...

    Too freakin' cool, girlfren'! I love their twisty little noses too! Can't wait to see the Pumpkin King on the horse...this is gonna be good.

  3. i love these. and the crowns are great. did you make them too? if you need the pie recipe before i post it just let me know!