Monday, July 27, 2009

2nd witch hat

Here is the 2nd of my three witch hats. These are so much fun! I need more hats. I should open up a witch hat shop, I could do this everyday! This is too much fun it must be illegal, right. I have to say thank you to all who write me too, you guys are the best. Sometimes, it brings tears to my eyes because some of you are fantastic artists in your own right. Just the icing on he cake to hear from you all. Big hug, Tammy


  1. Well Missy you are just fricken awesome with what you do! It doesn't matter what you do it's fricken awesome. Heck you're just fricken awesome!!! Did I mention how fricken awesome I think you are?
    For two years I have been working on a witch's hat, got any idea what mine is made of? I just might have to finish it this year.......maybe!

  2. Now we all have a tough act to follow. They get better and better and do look like fun. I just made an old fashioned party hat and I'm still up in the air on how to proceed. I hope it turns out as good as this.

  3. Don't you think everyone needs a new hat! They are spectacular!

  4. Just can't get enough of your hats!!!! Always such a yummy treat to see!!!

  5. What a wonderful hat, if i were a witch lol i would certainly wear a hat like that :-)