Thursday, March 19, 2009

I've been busy creating new things and thought I would share. A couple have already sold or were commissioned but I had so much fun doing them! The other is a fun cat ornament I will list on eBay tonight (hopefully). Sorry sold the cat but I will do more!
First is my Halloween black cat. The first cat ornament I have done and I am in love with him. I will definitely do more. Last is my charming little Spring Moon Queen. A wonderful patron of mine wanted something done in very romantic colors. I got so excited to try it that I created this very small version. Now I can't wait to do the large version with fairies! Thanks for sharing with me, Tammy


  1. I so love your work! It is fun and whimisical and such a treat to

    LOVE the cat!!! Glad to hear you are making more.

  2. The moon queen is so cute, great colors and I love love love the cat! Your ornaments are fantastic!! Can't wait to see the next one!!


  3. Oh wow I love your kitty Cat. He is a charmer with his beautiful bow! Remindes me of my kitty Tommy. He lives with my parents. We have had him for many years (since the day he was born) and I am going to miss him when he decides to leave us....hopefully he will be around for many mor years. I love his eyes too. Well, you already know my thoughts on this beautiful Moon Queen. She is my favorite. I love the colors and her crown. Thanks so much for sharing and happy FRIDAY to you :)


  4. I left you an award on my blog! keep on creating sister! :-)