Friday, April 30, 2010

BOOOoooooO! Time for the Queen's Bootique opening.

The Halloween Queen's Castle Bootique updates tonight! I heard rumors it might be open a little early because of spooky weather conditions back East. Isn't it wonderful that you can sit nice and cozy in your house and shop for Halloween spooktacular art?? I have one offering and here is a sneak peak at her. She is in response to a Mother's Day challenge of " A face only a mother could love". Be sure and check in to read all the details. Should be fun! Also showing a recent sculpture completed for a great lady. I love these wonderful old witch faces. I could just make them forever. Thanks for sharing my art with me! Tammy


  1. Oh, I love both the witches! Your witch faces are just so amazing!!


  2. You have the best witch face......s (snort) in the cosmos!
    She really skeers me!

  3. WOW!! Your art is so lovely :)