Saturday, July 13, 2013

STJ Moon box

The update for was at midnight this morning and I sold this right away but I wanted to share this with everyone. The majority of my work is sold through an email I send out to my customer base when pieces become available.  If you are interested in being on that list just email me and I would be happy to add you(link at right). There is still some wonderful pieces by other artists still available too. I found this fun round box full of seven little boxes and just knew it would be fun to paint each one differently.  Wish I could keep it but bills have to be paid. Sigh...Thanks for stopping by and sharing my art with me.


  1. Hey Hey...I hope you are well. Nice to to see you. I love boxes... OH what is this addiction..but Halloween boxes are the worst... VERY NICE!

    I hope you are well! Please come by for freebies and giveaways this week.


  2. I love these. It's a lucky customer who got them. Thanks for sharing :