Friday, February 20, 2009


Wow, it doesn't take long to fill up a blog page does it? Just wanted to remind everyone that if you scroll to the bottom of the page, I have added some pictures of past art work. I have more to add too! So from time to time will change and add more. I am so excited by the comments people take the time to leave. I have been really missing out.
This week to beat the winter blues, I plan on starting some flower seeds. I have fallen in love with a type of petunia seed that you never know what color they will be. Here is a pic from last year. All the pink ones are from one packet. I love my garden. It calms my mind and gives me so much joy. Oh the seeds are from Park seed company.


  1. I love all your artwork (your small moon bowl actually reminds me of a friend! LOL). My favorite is your
    roly poly cat on the ball! Wow!!

    Your pic of your flowers has inspired me to maybe start some seeds - I'm terrible with plants/flowers though. They shrivel up and die as soon as I come near.

  2. Wow - I sooo want Spring!!! I do adore your work Tammy!!! Great sample of your amazing work. Hugs, Sarah

  3. Petunias are the favorite snack of the deer in my neighborhood. I planted the blue wave ones 2 years ago and enjoyed them for about 2 days before they were eaten - all of them - by the deer. {sigh}
    Looking forward to Spring, too!