Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Birthday STJ ! Ribbitt, Ribbitt

Don't know what happened to my post about the STJ Spookytimejingles 2nd anniversary. Maybe ghosts? My sculpture sold but there are still plenty of wonderful goodies left to check out. I have been sculpting bullfrogs for almost a month now and no longer need references and might be able to do it blind folded, LOL. Love the color green with black and orange. I think these little frogs will be turning up every now and then in my work. Click here to go check out the STJ site.


  1. Tammy, your bullfrog looks real!!! Love the new and sold sculpt, bravo and congrats!!


  2. All right, now I want a frog! Oh yeah, I know it's gone already, and that's a good thing. just wonderful work,