Thursday, March 31, 2011

Queen's Castle Bootique update

April 1st is the date for to look for! Not only is there some wonderful new art this month but you will want to register for the Easterween giveaway Basket. There is some fantastic ornament filling this basket and some lucky person will win it! There is plenty of time to register too, you have until April 8th, Here is my latest creation for sale. Something new for me, with these colorful and whimsical salamanders on this witches hat. You can check her out on the AHQU Queen's Bootique tonight. See ya there!


  1. Wow! That is definitely a different sort of witch! Never thought salamanders and Halloween but they definitely work out! Great colors!

  2. Love this witch, and the creatures on her hat, too! Creepy, and cute. :-)

  3. I can almost hear her cackling!!!!Wonderfully wicked !!!!