Monday, August 22, 2011

There was an old witch that...

There was an old witch who lived in a hat. She looked out the window and says "Where's that darn cat?"
The cat was upstairs trying to eat him a crow
and the bird laughed and pooped with a "Watch out below!"

I am still laughing at the poem my sister, Sue, wrote when I sent her pictures of my latest sculpt. She is one clever person! This is a new design for me and it is sold. I have new respect for miniature artists as it was really hard to sculpt a tiny witch and cat! Thanks for sharing my art with me.


  1. Oh Tammy! This is beyond Marvelous!!
    This IS my most favorite Halloween piece That I have EVER laid my eyes on!
    Fantastic :)You do incredible work!


  2. This is just too good! I love this witch in the hat and to see how small it is makes it even more amazing.

  3. I LOVE this! You are so talented!!!

  4. Love your work but it is always sold!

    Where can I see your items for purchase please!

  5. Tammy...thank you so much for coming by my Blog today and thank you for all the lovely comments you left (especially about my surgery). I am so humbled over all the support I have gotten.

    It's really great getting to know you also!!!!


  6. Wow, you guys have really made me feel good! It means so much to me to get such great feedback from my fellow artists. Thanks so much.