Monday, September 23, 2013

The Devil made me do it!

I have never done a Devil of any kind and haven't really wanted too.  A good customer did some pleading and 2 years later I finally completed her Devil Wall sconce.  I comes complete with glowing eyes.  I must admit, I love his face.  Please don't write me asking for me to do one for you though.  Unless you are prepared to wait a very long time!  Enjoy the Fall.


  1. Fantastic! LOVE it!!! How did you make the collar and what is it made of? How did you get the black/red combo? So interesting!

    1. Hi Diana, thank you so much! The collar is made from crepe paper. I add the color to the edges by dry brushing acrylic paint to the edges. It has to be very dry or you risk them sticking together. Also use a very high quality crepe paper from Germany. I get mine from D. Blumchen Company on the net. Hope this helps. Thank you for the compliment, Tammy

  2. Oh Tammy!! LOL. He turned out well and it only took you two years?! Too funny!
    Love seeing all your amazing creations. They always have so much personality. Happy Halloween!

  3. Ooooo love this Tammy! WOW! What an incredible piece! You must be so proud of him. Crazy talented you are!! Hugs, LeeAnn

  4. This is excellent! He turned out fabulous!